Notes from a talk titled “Build a Practice, not just a project”

Prepare For the Future

What do you feel when you see this?
Unsure? Irritated? Even panicked?

Memory is not just a sentimental trip, it is a tool. It is Cultural Storytelling that helps us Learn, Evolve and Thrive.

Hard statistics and raw data has seldom sprung groups of people into action. Human beings remember data and information through the memory of the feeling associated with it.

It is important to remember not just for individual creators and artists like us but also for organisations and communities.

Every event and experience contributes to our memory bank, that guides us to maturity. Its not just a repository of knowledge but provide deep insights that lead to wisdom. While there is a universality about the learning from collective experiences as a community, every individuals journey is unique . The moments and challenges that each us face are wholly unique. …

5 tips to get started with a collaborative orchestra.

This was tested out during the two week Colab Fellowship by Jaaga and Islington Mill UK — supported by British Council and Goethe Institute India

All my work — analog as well as digital, physical and virtual have included sound design. For live performances the main conversation has been over the music and for the films I create — music is the parallel story that adds another dimension to the narrative. I mostly collaborate on the music with composers, sound designers and engineers. And the tools used have been analogue, acoustic as well as digital — But none generative.

Low Tech Beautiful Sound


written in March of 2020
when Mumbai went into lockdown.

artwork by Roy.Studio

It has been a year since I had written this. And then … I sat on it — I didn’t put it out… I felt I didn’t know enough to be able to write about this. And then recently while working on my short film I realised that I am a refugee in my own country.

THAT is a story for another time.

Here is what I felt and thought about the mass migration of our species to the digital realm further enforced by the pandemic.

Mass migration refers to large groups of people migrating from one geographical area to…

By Song_about_summer

Common sense for thriving as a species in the New Normal by a non academic commoner.

New habits will need to be inculcated to be able to thrive in the New World.

The opening up of the Lockdown isn’t going to be like a lock being opened one fine day, only to find that we are back where we were and this was all probably a mean little nightmare.

We will emerge — slowly and steadily and nothing will ever be the same again. This is in fact a huge opportunity for each of us who survive this.

This lockdown has been an eye opener in different ways. There are so many levels of realisation, appreciation…

How we went from a ‘feeling’ to a Production Logo


Mutant Films is new age film company which moves between fringe and mainstream content. It is a film company that takes immense pride and stands by what it creates. The founders of this company work on projects that resonate deeply with who they are and every project is personal — embodied by the fact that the wordmark is one of the founders —Shivani’s handwriting.

At the discovery stage of the project, a key insight that was gained was that while there is a deep and thoughtful aspect to the company, Mutant is also playful — where entertainment is key.


Notes from hearing Guillermo Del Toro and how it realigned, reminded and rearranged my process

I wrote this to remind me of what I learnt after hearing him in the decade defining We Are One Global Film Festival “In Conversation” beautifully moderated by Kim Morgan, in the Marrakech Film Festival in 2018 which got Premiered on 30 May 2020 Live on Youtube. This talk was available for 7 days after release :


The Story of Bharat : From Craft to Luxury

A brand film for a 100 year old company

Spectrum of Bharat’s Heritage

The Bharat Floorings Group (BFT) is the leader in quality cement floorings — a reputation held for over 90 years. In 1922 Bharat pioneered the cement tiles industry in India as part of the Swadeshi movement as a contribution to India’s economic independence by producing tiles of international quality to replace imports.

Over the decades Bharat has laid some of the best-known floors in India’s landmark buildings: from palaces of Maharajas and Raj Bhavans to prominent residences, hotels, hospitals, clubs, offices, factories, co-operative housing societies, educational and religious institutions, airports, railways etc.

BFT needed to create a film that would…

Photo Credit : Nalini Roy 9 year old


Working from home can be most rewarding and at the same time most depressing and demotivating.
The motivation and energy to get on with it depends entirely on us as individuals.
As a perfectionist and a mother very corner screeches to me for attention — either buried under dust or buried under something else.

With the lack of time, the current lockdown and reluctance to spend on a temporary situation, little things can brighten up and make the work space (at home) fun and more inspiring.


The cheapest and best way to give your space a face lift. move your furniture around…be careful of the cables and wires. Even if you don’t have much space just reorienting what you…

I hope each and every one of you are staying safe, calm and sanitised. In stressful times as these it is imperative to be productive and focus on being positive and effectively occupied. If you can work from home thats great! but working from home is not as easily done as said.

After my Baby was born I restarted work from home immediately and it was a roller — coaster. It was the most challenging yet rewarding experience that I still use the learnings from. I worked from home for 3 years before starting to go regularly to office /…


Designer, Animation Director & Anti Disciplinary Artist. She is the founder director of and Partner in www.Roy.Studio

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